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    HOLY SMOKE AND MIRRORS! We can’t wait to share this ecstatic and exciting news: in 2018 TIME WINDOW will host the AMSTERDAM FRINGE NIGHTCLUB! With eclectic performances, signs and miracles and our bar that never closes, the saga of the Fringe Nightclub continues. ABOUT FRINGE & THE FRINGE NIGHTCLUB During …

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  • Open Call Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2018 (CLOSED)

    Wanted: brilliant idea and/or performance by equally briljant performance artist who doesn’t scare away from experiment, would feel at home in the non-conventional theaters of Amsterdam and really needs a platform to shine-bright-like-a-diamond. Amsterdam Fringe is a festival and a refuge for extraordinary artists and their audiences. Talented young makers, inventors, …

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  • Questions? Drop by at the Fringe FAQ hour!

    Always wanted to participate in the Fringe, but no idea how? You have a fantastic concept, but don’t know if it will fit at Fringe? Or do you just want to know what participation in Amsterdam Fringe Festival exactly means? Drop by at the Fringe FAQ hour, on February 12th from …

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