12 Kisses Before Midnight

Do you remember your first kiss? Would you know when it’s your last? 

Irina Koriazova & Sanne van Dijk 

Location: Treehouse NDSM


duration of the performance: 1 h

How many kisses do you need to give, and to receiveto feel loved? We once heard that to be happy you need to be kissed at least 12 times a day. And we heard it from a very reliable source: a character in a romantic comedy. What?!

The beauty of a kiss is that it’s not always sexual. What’s it like to kiss a friend, a dog, an (ex-)lover, a brother, a dead person? Some kisses are so different from each other, it feels strange to even call them by the same word, let alone count them together. Or, what about the kisses that really shouldn’t have happened? Do they count too? With a lot of humour, physical comedy, deeply personal stories, and throwing each other on the floor wrestling style (!), we are going to figure out how many kisses we actually need. 


Irina Koriazova and Sanne van Dijk met in 2022 when they were studying at the Mezrab Storytelling School. For 5 intense months, they developed their understanding of the craft alongside each other. They constantly trust the other to be the critical mirror of each other’s work. They believe in storytelling as an art form because it creates space for being incredibly vulnerable on stage: sharing your genuine feelings and intimate thoughts.

Irina started her career telling traditional stories (gruesome Russian folktales) in her own style. Eventually she realised that every folktale carried a piece of her own story and started to dive into her personal experiences and memories as material for her work.

Sanne is an experienced puppeteer, who was involved in multiple productions using puppets. She has worked with very different forms of puppetry; hand puppetry (foam, latex or fabric), object puppetry, and even marionettes and shadow puppetry.

In 2023, Sanne and Irina both created their first solo storytelling shows: VLOED and In Boxes respectively. Both shows were very personal, touching on subjects on femininity, innocence, establishing your borders and finding your voice.


Irina Koriazova – maker, Sanne van Dijk – maker, puppeteer,
Titus Tiel Groenestege – creative advisor