A Fist Of Tongues

A conversation with time in relation to the three versions of myself 

Sunni Lamin Barrow

Location: Plein Theater


duration of the performance: 45 min

After, Sunni Lamin Barrow sends an invitation to his past self and his future self. This invitation intends that both of them honor the call with their attendance at a round table conversation, but on one condition: they must bring along their wounds, fears, and unresolved silences in order to clear the tensions. Will he succeed in uniting them as a whole, or will he just add more fuel to the fire and awaken old traumas and uncertainties which he swore he had outgrown?

In this performance, which combines storytelling, music, and dance, Sunni testifies about what it means to be queer and African and about how one’s parents are sometimes the foundation of who and what one becomes. 


Concept, text, performance: Sunni Lamin Barrow
Direction: Kees Roorda
Dramaturgy: Martine Manten
Photographer: Keith Montgomery
Text Translator and proofreader: Lars Koning
Business leadership and coaching: Tamara Roos/Hollandse Luchten