A Fools’ Bag

Take a nosedive into the bag of a fool, where hopelessness blossoms and breaks every rule! 

Lady and the Baguettes 

Location: Thomaskerk, theaterzaal, Mezrab


duration of the performance: 50 min

Join us for “A Fool’s Bag,” a mesmerizing journey into the whimsical world of the fool, led by the vibrant and multicoloured drag performer, Lady Bag. This high-energy show blends bizarre stories and imagined landscapes, stitching together dances, dramas, tragedy, and comedy into an unforgettable hour-long spectacle. Lady Bag, with their limitless passion for bags, serves as our guide, unravelling the mysteries and absurdities of life with unparalleled expertise and exuberance.  

Become a part of this delirious elation, as we dance with our demons and cherish our absurdities, venturing beyond the shores of certainty into uncharted territories of imagination. “A Fool’s Bag” is a collective celebration of the foolish and the profound, revealing the wisdom hidden in whimsy. Don’t miss this unique exploration of the human condition, where every bag tells a story and every story explores the visceral complexities of existence. 



Lady Bag crossed into this world on Halloween and felt compelled to stay in Amsterdam. Their obsession with bags dates back to ancient times. Lady Bag embraces all pronouns, reflecting the complexity of existence and the absurdity of assigning gender. 

Divinely camp, Lady Bag spreads tales of bags and advocates for rethinking their role. As a dancer, they promote movement practices, including “Bag-a-robics” workshops in Amsterdam’s arts institutions. For Lady Bag, bags are extensions of the physical and psychic body. With a collection of over 3,000 bags, they challenge perceptions of what a bag truly is, or isn’t, and what it could be. 

Marxus was born either in 1994 or in 2001, on the Edge, overlooking a Syrian valley. In 2014, Marxus moved to Amsterdam, immersing in the city’s nocturnal practices of keeping realness alive. Marxus’s pronouns are “you are never mistaken.” 

Influenced by early religious studies, Marxus modernizes ancient inquiries. For Marxus, realness is a poignant, humorous mask highlighting the gap between the idealized and the missing. Ultimately, Marxus initiates a practice of presence rather than production and projection, keeping realness alive in every performance. 


Lady Bag and Marxus