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Three women bring their personal experience with abortion to the stage 

Mystha Mandersloot

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PRESS: article in NRC



What goes through your mind when you find out you are pregnant? What actually happens the day at the abortion clinic? How do you describe what grows inside you? Mystha Mandersloot is a theatre maker and educator, graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts. Her work deals with social issues based on personal stories. Mystha chose to have an abortion two years ago and is experiencing the impact a taboo can have on her life. She tries to change that, through this performance; by sharing personal stories in an open, honest, but also humorous way. 


Direction: Mystha Mandersloot
Actors/makers: Suzan van der Poel, Jana Ierschot, Sandy Seifert
Direction assistant: Eva Molhoek
Dramaturgy: Nicole Hoeve
(Coaching) Writer: Sofie de Vroom
Audio design: Cas van Eldonk
Production: Bente de Bruijn
Light Design/technical producer: Maarten van Burken
PR/communication: Zoë Lodewijks
Artistic Director: Pauline Kalker
Rehearsal images: Zoë Lodewijks  
ABORTUSVERHALEN is made possible by AFK (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst).