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About Time

About Time – music theatre of an eternity in one hour! 

But What About

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What if Time would stop by in person, and was able to talk to you directly? What would she like to tell us, and how? Could she maybe offer us a new perspective on the way we treat and experience time?  

About Time is a music theatre performance of 60 minutes, directed by Ludy Golstein, with compositions by Luke Deane and Ragnar Árni Ólafsson, and a wearable sculpture made by Daphne Karstens. Through a musical ritual, we summon Time (Sofie Kramer). Now it’s her moment to speak freely: “Move with me, and try to forget me! You don’t possess me, even though you might think you do.”  

We are contemporary music ensemble But What About (BWA), the makers of About Time. We invite the audience to create new perspectives. We work as smooth a classical music trio, with the energy of a rock band and the creativity of free jazz. 



Daphne Karstens costume design
Julian Sarmiento (BWA) – concept, production, contrabas, electric guitar
Ludy Golstein – text, direction
Luke Deane composition
Rachele Steffèassistant costume design 
Ragnar Árni Ólafsson – composition
Sofie Kramer – text, performance
Vincent Martig (BWA) – concept, production, basklarinet, drums
Werner van Rossum – philosophical advice, dramaturgy
Wilco Oomkes (BWA) – concept, production, synthesizer


Barbara Strozzi – Che si può fare (arrangement BWA) 
But What AboutArpeggiator #1 
Julius Eastman Buddha 
JacobTV Tatatata 
Luke Deane & Ragnar Árni Ólafsson Coming Soon, Imminent 


Frank Wiersema 
Moon Saris 

Supported by: 

  • Gemeente Utrecht 
  • Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds 
  • Voordekunst 
  • Fentener van Vlissingen Fonds