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Best Of Fringe Awards

Every year, on the last day of the festival, the iconic Amsterdam Fringe Awards are awarded by a professional jury, consisting of notorious professionals from the field (who can automatically scout new talent). And because we thought one award wasn’t enough, we award no less than five. Because more is more.

Best Of Fringe Awards

The three best performances each receive a coveted Best Of Fringe Award and are chosen by an international jury. These makers do not only receive an extravagant trophy to impress their friends with. They are also invited to the Best of Fringe Tour, which will be shown in five Dutch theaters in spring and they will ensure themselves of a spot at the next edition of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival. So you can see them again. Or so that you don’t have to cry to sleep if you’ve missed one of the performances, of course.

Next Best Fringe Award

Amsterdam Fringe stimulates artistic experiment in the true sense of the word. This means that a project may turn out differently than was expected. For artists who would like to continue working on their performance and want to deepen their artistic research after the festival, we have created in collaboration with Het Huis Utrecht and ICK Amsterdam the Next Best Fringe Award. Artists can nominate themselves for this award after the festival and have the chance to receive a residency program at Het Huis Utrecht or ICK Amsterdam to continue their artistic research. They can show the result of this residency at the next edition of Fringe. In 2023 the work of Next Best Fringe Award 2021 winners Joseph Kearney and Rosanne Ter Steege can be seen.

International Bursary

The same jury also chooses the winner of the International Bursary, a prize of 3,500,- to spend on a performance at an international Fringe Festival.

Best Of Fringe Award winners since 2008

  • 2022 – Goodbye Erdogan van Betal Özay, Irma van Eva Bartels en FR/AGILE van Liam McCall
  • 2021 – After The Echo by DeRonde/Deroo, Kibra Silensio by Ritzah Statia, Yogi Anni by Annica Muller.
  • 2020 – Leeuwenkind by Luan Buleshkaj, Let me tell you something you already know by Merel Severs and Motherland by Jip Smit. Seriously Interrupted Millennial by WUSS. won the festival’s first ‘Best of Fringe – Digital’ award.
  • 2019 – JEZEBEL by Cherish Menzo, Great People by Emma Buysse and Luna Joosten and Volgende week zondag by Rustâg.
  • 2018 – Körper by NEON, Song of the Sisters by the King Sisters, Wij Gaan Het Hebben Over Haar by Blackman en Blokland.
  • 2017 – My Father Held A Gun by Sahand Sahebdivani, Raphael Rodan, Guillermo Celano & Iman Spaargaren.
  • 2016 – Macho Macho – Igor Vrebac
  • 2015 – F U T U R I S T S – F U T U R I S T S
  • 2014 – Pand 7090 – 7090
  • 2013 – De Bevrijding van Boos Mannetje – Sjoerd Meijer
  • 2012 – Florence Foster Jenkins – De Koude Kermis
  • 2011 – Bye Bye World – Gehring & Ketelaars
  • 2010 – Life is too good to be true – Het Geluid Maastricht
  • 2009 – Papadag – Bert Hana
  • 2008 – De Huilende Kers – Maarten Heijmans & Ian Bok