Fringe loves talent

Fringe Academy

During Fringe Academy, four young talents get the opportunity to develop themselves by joining the Amsterdam Fringe Festival core team. Because, as a festival, we think it is important to stimulate talent behind the scenes as well.

During this process, these individuals, who are bursting with potential, will receive a crash course festival organization, intensive personal guidance and, above all, the freedom to create something themselves. The participants are supported as a collective and each participant is also guided on a personal level during an individual process focused on personal development. Think of it as an internship where there is plenty of room for independence and initiative.

Normally, our four talents are also responsible for taking over the entire organization of the Fringe stage at the Uitmarkt in Amsterdam together. From curating the program and arranging the production to the business strategy and marketing execution. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, there won’t be an Amsterdam Fringe stage on the Uitmarkt this year and the Fringe Academy will focus on the festival in September.

And the best of it all (if we may say so ourselves)? By investing in the next generation, we do not only automatically ensure a healthy future for our own festival, but we also contribute to a broader development of the field. Win win.