Accreditation form (English)

Application for accreditation (English)

As a professional you can request an accreditation for the Arts Industry Office. With this accreditation you receive discount tickets for the shows of your liking. Discount tickets are 15% off the original price.

The Arts Industry Office is the professionals’ desk of Amsterdam Fringe Festival. The Arts Industry Office is here to help you navigate through the program, Amsterdam Fringe Festival in general and the city. We look forward to connecting you with new talent and other professionals.

Rules of the game:
- Accreditation is only meant for people who can potentially book shows they see at Fringe: programmers, curators, scouts, bookers etc.
- Within a few work days after filling out this form, you will get a confirmation that your accreditation is approved.
- When your accreditation is approved, you will receive a unique discount code that you can use when ordering tickets.
- You can see as many shows as you like with this discount code, but there is a maximum of 1 discount ticket per show.
If you have any questions, you can contact us at We gladly answer all your questions!


In order to successfully connect professionals and artists, we would like to share your attendance with Fringe artists and other professionals. We have indicated which information we would like to share. If you prefer, you can opt-out of sharing this information. We will never share your phone number. The Arts Industry Office might use your phone number if there are any uncertainties about your form or to contact you in case of last-minute changes in your personal schedule.

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We would like to help you navigate through the festival.

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