All About Me and My Mother

Drag therapy theater show where drag artist Indie Nile plays both himself and his mother 

Indie Nile

Location: Theater Bellevue, Klein Bellevue


duration of the performance: 1 h

Winner of top jury prize at Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2022

Funny, emotional & psychological, this theater piece aims to heal the mother wound using Indie Nile’s signature “drag therapy”. In the show, Indie appears on the stage as a drag version of his mother.

During the stand-up sections of the show, he speaks with his own voice as the man who struggles with the ‘love/hate’ relationship with his mother. During the lipsync parts, he becomes his mother as he lipsyncs to her voice and dramatic pop songs that tell her life story.

In Indie’s own words: “I believe that when you are ready to laugh about your trauma, is when you’ve started healing it. That’s how I know I’m finally ready to tell you a story about me and my mother. The full story with all its highs and lows”.