Must all men die? Can you fight fire with fire? 

Eva Bartels

Location: Studio Bartels


duration of the performance: 1 h 30 min

Do all men really have to die? Can you fight violence with violence? Is destruction necessary to arrive at a new sound? Does every revolution eat its own children?  

Artist and writer Valerie Solanas envisions a world without men in her 1968 radical feminist manifesto: S.C.U.M., Society for Cutting Up Men. Was she ironic or was she bitterly serious? And is this a manifesto that we should give a stage? Eva Bartels takes these questions with her and mirrors the manifesto from the 1960s to the present day. She rewrites the text into a S.C.U.M. 2.0. Expect an anarchist and connecting performance in a world beyond patriarchy. 

‘Mothers of Art’ is a ten-part series in which Bartels sheds new light on female, underexposed artists. Artists on whose shoulders Bartel’s work stands. The first two parts were about Leonora Carrington and Irma Stern (Fringe Award 2022). In the third part, ALL MEN MUST DIE, you are taken into the life and work of the furious, searching and activist Valerie Solanas. 


Concept, performance and text Eva Bartels
Concept, dramaturgy and text Han van Wieringen
Direction & text Silke van Kamp
Coaching / scenography Carly Everaert
Technique Roel Leenders
Sound design Alexandra Duvekot
Poster image Peggy Kuiper
Special Make up Lucienne Venner
Producer Melissa Fontini
Video Marta Lillioja
Choir coaching & composition Alexandra Duvekot Koor Lucy, Bram, Annelie, Nancy, Cynthia, Tjitske, Ikeline, Sterre, Floor, Beer, Elio, Gradus, Charly, Lonneke, Mirre, Alexandra, Nienke, Esther, Georgia, Eva.
A co-production of Stichting Studio Bartels and Via Rudolphi Producties, produced in the context of De Vrije Ruimte.
Special thanks to Melissa Maya, Kim Willemse, Willow, Pippi & Wilrieke.