And my Heart Almost Stood Still 

een onderbroken solo, geïnspireerd door Beethovens 9e Symfonie en een brief van Helen Keller 

Ari Teperberg 

Location: Frascati 2


duration of the performance: 50 min

I am standing in front of you with my eyes closed. The sounds you make bring me to life. Can we experience the world with utmost sensitivity, allowing even the smallest sensation to become connection, communication and pleasure? Can we expand our senses together?   

A physical-sonic theatre piece, inspired by a letter sent by the famous deaf-blind author and intellectual Helen Keller to the New-York Symphony Orchestra in 1924, in which she describes how she “listened” to their performance of Beethoven’s 9th symphony, simply by touching the radio’s membrane and feeling the vibrations.  

The performer applies different limitations on himself as an abled person, and offers us a close-up look into his body, as he calibrates himself to hypersensitivity, seeking desperately for an alternative language by which to communicate; a nonverbal, sensory communication where even the subtlest of sensations can become full of pain, beauty or joy.  


In his works, Ari Teperberg constructs performative mechanisms that take place between the sensory, cognitive and emotional systems of the audience and the performer(s). Fascinated with distance, voice and the eternal struggle to communicate, his research-driven works invite for a world of sound, movement, action and object.  

Rosenblum Prize laureate 2022, Ari graduated from the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem in 2013. His works have been touring internationally since 2010 – Untitled Document, And my Heart Almost Stood Still, Jonathan and the Blue Table.  

Ari collaborated as artistic director, director and maker with FeelBeit (or ‘Mekudeshet’) in Jerusalem – an organization jointly directed by Palestinians and Jews focusing on art and culture from the perspective of a shared reality.  

In musical performances and opera Ari directed Shalem, a concert for an orchestra of 110 musicians playing broken instruments; Peter and the Wolf, Cosi Fan Tutte, Hänsel und Gretel, and in 2019 won the Audience Prize at a competition for young opera directors in Moscow.  

As a performer he collaborated with Yonatan Levy, Ana Wild and dances at the Yasmeen Godder Dance Company.  

Ari taught in theatre, dance, opera and puppetry frameworks, and gives workshops sharing his working method Performative Mechanisms. 


Maker, performer: Ari Teperberg // Performer, soundman: Gal Hochberg // Creation partners: Avshalom Ariel and Tomer Damsky // Lighting design and scenography: Omer Sheizaf // Sound design: Tomer Damsky // Costumes: Dor Frank // International representation: as:is presenting arts // The piece is a production of the Westflügel Theatre in Leipzig (Germany) co-produced with the Independent Theatre Makers’ Association in Israel