Announcement Next Best Fringe winners

A residence to bring their performances to the next level, that’s what the Next Best Fringe winners are going to do. 

The artists of Through Spaceless Spaces – by ILYA – and The Grand Percussionist – by Yung-Tuan Ku en Che-Sheng Wu – are both connected with another organisation. The artists get the chance to improve their performances with the help of professionals. And to show their results during Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2024. 

The artists of Through Spaceless Spaces are going to work with Fringe partner ICK Amsterdam. Partner Het Huis Utrecht is going to help the makers of The Grand Percussionist.

Each year the artists of Amsterdam Fringe Festival get the change to sign up for the Next Best Fringe award. A jury chooses two performances, who win the residences and a spot for the upcoming festival.