Another Shot

Enter a garden of stories with Marijn, finding light in darkness and unlocking your own narrative 

Marijn Maas



duration of the performance:


We have arranged for an NGT interpreter to be available for the show. Please email us at anothershotperformance@gmail.com with your request and the date(s) you would be able to come. We might not be able to arrange an interpreter for every show, but we will do our best to accommodate. 

Whenever someone asks us about who we are, we get ‘Another Shot’ at inventing ourselves. You get to try on different hats and see how they fit. An accident left Marijn partially paralyzed, he tried on a few different hats: cripple, wheelchair user, pyromaniac, gummy bear enthusiast, vengeful killer, desert shaman, comedian, filmmaker, eventually realizing that he is at heart a storyteller.  

With ‘Another Shot’ you are invited into the Tolhuistuin Garden to travel through time and metaphorical space, with stories and skits that will move you, make you laugh and teach you about the power of stories. You might even come out of it with a new perspective on your own life story, and you don’t even need to get paralyzed! 


Writer/performer: Marijn Maas
Creative Producer: Basak Layiç
Director: Fer Rodil