Becoming Tiger

Spend time with a tiger and reflect upon (trans)identity and how humans construct social spaces

Lux Sauer 

Location: Nowhere, white studio


duration of the performance: 1 h 15 min

What would you say defines a human or a tiger? Where is the line that should not be crossed? In the innovative choreographic research ‘Becoming Tiger’ we invite you to explore together the line of (trans) identity and what it means to be a tiger among humans. ‘Becoming Tiger’ is a multifaceted performance – accompanied by an exhibition and after talk – in which you, as an audience member, travel through space and time with the artistic team, approaching the themes of gaze, passing, togetherness and (dis)comfort from different angles. Explore whether a tiger-binary line is a sufficient tool to measure the parameters of passing and belonging!  

‘Becoming Tiger’ can be seen as a performance about being trans, but uses the metaphor of the tiger to expand the conversation beyond trans-specific narratives. Come and contribute to the fertile ground for a performative dialogue about rethinking our social norms and spaces of togetherness. 

Doors open 15 minutes in advance because there’s an exposition that’s part of the performance!


Lux Sauer is an Utrecht-based dance maker and choreographer, expanding the field by combining somatics, choreography and visual art. Lux specialises in queering the anatomy of togetherness. His talents as a gender non-conforming human and as an artivist lie in pushing boundaries, queering spaces and challenging the dominant gaze in order to activate socio-political discourses. Lux carries a wide range of personal and professional tools, lived experiences and queer agency that informs his artistic practice. Lux’s way of moving, thinking and thinking movement has been shaped by studying dance and choreography from different angles such as technical movement training and somatic practice, as well as from an academic point of view on a historical, sociological, philosophical, political and critical level. In his artistic research and teaching Lux is striving to common the ground by applying somatic practice, intuitive thinking and non-hierarchical methodologies. Always following the urge to transformative methodologies and reshape spaces of creation. Lux’s playful curiosity comes together in a mix of different practices where movement, voice, tactile material, choreographic instructions and audience involvement are part of the whole piece. His work ranges from intimate one-on-one performances to larger choreographic exhibitions, always integrating a dialogue with the audience. 


Concept, choreography and tiger: Lux Sauer;

Dramaturgy: Jolijn de Wolf

Holding space: Iris van Peppen (somatic expert), Vera Bonder (post-tiger talk moderator)

Prosthetics: Milo van der Maaden – Your Rules Prosthetics

Scenography advisor: Aina Roca

Picture: Anna van Kooij 

Content warning: Performance includes exposure of realistic genital prostheses. Audiences are invited to arrive prior to the performance to explore the exhibition that accompanies the performance.