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The pain of growth and the power of connection 

Vainergill Thurnim

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BLINDSIGHT2 is an in-depth version of the dance performance BLINDSIGHT that premiered during RRReurging 2023. In BLINDSIGHT2, 30 culturally diverse performers between the ages of 10 and 100 look for the power of connection during personal development, the pain of growth and the importance of unity as a counterpart to loneliness.  

Humans have an instinctive need to belong. These aspects are becoming less and less self-evident in our society. We have the urge to want to be different, because of this we exclude ourselves. With this project, Vainergill shows that everyone develops and that there are obstacles within this process. We are not unique in this, but we do differ in the choices we make to overcome the barriers. This lighted a fire in the new maker. Using performing arts to connect and generate empathy.  

In a presentation of 45 minutes, the individual process, where loneliness is experienced, is reflected in a disconnection between the performers. They are brought together by the power of a vulnerable attitude and how it fosters understanding, with a focus on similarities rather than differences. From individual to group process.


Choreography: Vainergill Thurnim i.s.m dansers 

Coaching: Nicole Geertruida 

Outside eye: Inge Koks, Vincent Verburg 

Dancers: Alenka Banic, Dyinta Anne Papôt, Elsje van der Veer, Gabriel dos Santos Raithz, Gloria Blindeling, Hinne Vos, Ilyas van Paassen, Jeanine Spierings, Johanna Sjaarda, Jonathan van Slooten, Jopie de Groot, Julia Jeawon Leeuw, Katja van Kleffens, Klaske Duin, Liam Minnebo, Marjon Ter Laag, Nikki Duin, Sean Sinduhjie, Selin Yucelbak, Sherida Ketwaru, Urit Luden, Vainergill Thurnim, Yailah Vroom, Yutong Liu 

Composer: $ean Luck 

Light design: Noah Voelker 

Technique: CC Amstel, Mirko Lazovic 

Production: CC Amstel, Marque Muntslag 

PR: CC Amstel, Vainergill Thurnim 

Coproduction: CC Amstel 

Financial support: Fonds PodiumKunst, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, voordekunst donateurs 

Thanks to: Amsterdam Fringe, CC Amtel, Podium Mozaïek 

Special thanks to: Alexandra Loembé, Aoife, Dayna, Fit en soepel, Gimena Blindeling, Giorgio, Houda, Jaymore, Joan, Julia, Katja van Kleffens, Larissa, Levi, Liah, Linde Wagemakers, Marlon Rinaldo, mecologic.nl, Merel Coolen, Mies Koppelmans, Missaa, Natalie Beckers, Niek Wagenaar, Oma, Rikke Rasmussen, Ro Rox Roxy Roxana Verwey, Sandra v Dijk, Sergio Berrenstein, Sherida & Ilyas, Sjaan, Stacy, Vayhista