Captivating performance about freedom through the eyes of Surinamese. Featuring humor, visuals, and combative music


Location: CC Amstel, de Theaterzaal


duration of the performance: 1 h

Travel back to the turbulent 70s and 80s in Suriname. Six performers reveal their intricate struggle and challenge you to reflect on what it means to fight for freedom. With humor, nostalgic and poetic visuals, combative music, and intense confrontations, the performance unfolds as a love letter to the older generation, focusing on the understanding of toxic survival mechanisms.  

This inspiring performance offers a glimpse into the consequences of centuries-long oppression, with special attention to the personal stories of Javanese Surinamese. BRADA reveals the heroes, the villains, and the forgotten freedom fighters who battled for their ancestors, family, and children. Don’t miss it. 


LUSU creates multidisciplinary theatre experiences for the TikTok generation. Fast, social, stimulating scenes mixed with self-written alternative pop, R&B and rap, dance and intimate visuals. LUSU tackles difficult themes in a personal way and knows how to present them with humor and lightness. LUSU makes non-Western storytelling accessible for a broad audience. LUSU creates in the city, where differences come together: old and young, poor and rich, people of color and white, individual and collective.   

LUSU is under the artistic direction of Dewi Kasmo and was founded by her in 2016 out of the need to create a place that she had not yet found in the existing theatre world. LUSU shines light on stories that are still in the shadows. With LUSU you recognize yourself in the vulnerability of others. 


Text: Dewi Kasmo 

Choreography: Rudolf Doelasan 

Performance: Dewi Kasmo, Rudolf Doelasan, Gianluca Koeswanto, Santhino Piqué, Tyler Koudijzer, RyanTino Troenokarso, Gilbert Madnoersan 

Composition and music: Nina Giampaolo 

Costume and stage design: Maite Prince 

Costume (execution): Lisa Maartense 

Dramaturgy: Matthieu Charles 

Director: Samora Bergtop 

Assistant director: Lindsey Soetodrono 

Technique: Youri Wezenaar 

Videography: Gilbert Madnoersan 

Photography: Michelle Urbiztondo 

Coaching: Well Made Productions 

Artistic direction: Dewi Kasmo 

Project leadership: Nadja Polman 

Business leadership: Dirim Kutlar 



Well Made Productions, Theater Zuidplein, Fringe Amsterdam, Het Nationale Theater 


Made possible by: 

Gemeente Rotterdam, Stichting DOEN, VSBfonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Volkskracht, Stichting Elise Mathilde Fonds