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Construction, Ya Resulullah! 

Betal Özay

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In an atmosphere alive with anticipation, a groundbreaking ceremony sets the stage for a visionary project. Its goal: to carve a “corner of paradise” from an ancient walnut tree garden, giving rise to a breathtaking structure. This architectural marvel, a tribute to the country’s esteemed leader, breathes new life into the forgotten outskirts, forging a dynamic metropolis. As the ribbon is ceremoniously cut, voices unite in the resounding chant of “Construction Ya Resulallah!”  

Now, let us introduce you to Yakup Ozbay, the mastermind behind this audacious endeavor. He unveils his captivating journey from humble origins to renowned building contractor. Brace yourself for the revelation of this magnificent monument—an embodiment of Yakup’s ideology, transcending the realms of cement and iron.  

However, very soon Yakup’s dreams and paradigm will be tested by the deadliest earthquake in modern Turkish history.  

Will he and his masterpiece emerge unscathed from this cataclysmic ordeal? 


Director: Abhishek Thapar
Betal Ozay