Cowboy och Meisje

This is a story. A sad story. A very sad story. For real, very sad

Elvis de Launay 

Location: Theater de Roode Bioscoop


duration of the performance: 45 min

A young woman, wearing cowboy boots, hides in stories.  

She wants to play hide and seek.  

She wants to hide.  

There is so much stuff she wants to hide.  

There is so much stuff she wants to be gone.  


Cowboy och Meisje is a play about Cowboys with a capital C, Girls with a capital G, Death with a capital D, Love with a capital L, Fear with a capital A, Ronnie Flex, Cher, cola light, sad Swedish children, thongs, Vaslav Nijinsky, Oprheus, vanishing acts and Bambi. 


Elvis de Launay (2002, Amsterdam) is an actor and a writer. She graduated at Toneelschool Arnhem in 2024. She performed in Maas speelt Maas by Maas theater en dans and Wunderbaum speelt live (want online gaat het mis) by Wunderbaum. At the moment she researches the meaning of stories in our lives. 


Text and play: Elvis de Launay Final Direction: Lisa Verbelen Campaign Image: Qiqi van Boheemen