Cyborg DNA – Version Explicit

From cryopreservation to hijacking of emotions. Through transcendental meditation visualizing a technologically enhanced cyborg-body.” 

Robin Nimanong



duration of the performance:

Cyborg DNA is a futuristic performance installation emerging digital art, modular music and contemporary dance. A hypersensitive and hypnotic experience that discusses the complexity of the body and technology. From evolution to transhumanism the performer recreates human measurements, within an infinite sense of time. Version Explicit is a solo version, especially created and adapted for intimate spaces. 

An important inspiration for this research is the text Cyborg Manifesto from Donna Haraway, where she suggests how language evolves over time, influenced by new technological discoveries. So will the thought of humans in the future be more profoundly describing frequencies, blood groups, and nanochips. Humans will change and transform today’s focus on race, gender and ethnicity, into new parameters and therefore we will connect on different planes. This performance installation is suggesting a queer future, through the cyberbody and digital art by Lux Nautilus. 


Cyborg DNA is a collaboration between dance artist and creative producer Robin Nimanong 
Digital artist Lux Nautilus
Supporting sound design Clara Cozzolino 
Dance artists Fleur van der Schaaf & Nathan Felix-Rivot
3D images Thomas van RijkICK Artist Space (New Adventures) Suzy Blok & Astrid Klein Haneveld 
Poster: Nathalie Golde & Jasmine Melrose