dat wat ontembaar is

An endless battle, fought by a creature in a flowered dress 

Melisa Diktaş 

Location: Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, Rode Zaal


duration of the performance: 25 min

Under the guidance of the Dahul. The drum that makes the ground move. Stomping on the ground together, showing that it was, is, and always will be there.  
Representing immortality.  
It who embodies existence.  
It celebrates, fights, let ourselves be carried away, held back, rises up, passes on, it is aware, unaware, fed, feed, always having and keeping danger in sight. The Kurdish movement language with sounds of Kurdish issues and all other oppressed ones, wrapped in a body. What if it is eradicated, executed, and oppressed every day? What does something that is always in survival look like?  
Experience the power of survival and expression in ‘that which is untamable’ by Melisa Diktaş. A captivating performance that embodies the essence of struggle, survival, and resilience, wrapped in the rhythms of the Kurdish movement language. 


Melisa Diktaş, dancer, mover develops a narrative dance idiom based on ‘govend‘ (traditional Kurdish folk dance) and urban contemporary dance. With RIGHTABOUTNOW she develops her performance ‘dat wat ontembaar is’. Melisa presented her Work in progress ‘The untamable creature in a flowered dress’ at the WIPCOOP festival 2023 in Brussels and during the Dansdagen Haarlem 2024. And is now expanding the solo to ‘dat wat ontembaar is’. She will perform at Fringe 2024 and the RIGHTABOUTNOW festival 2024, among others.