De Grote Gaslight Meta-Musical

A bizarre mini-meta-musical filled with dark humour and absurdist twists

Mats & Maartje

Location: Pllek


duration of the performance: 45 min

No. You can’t be serious. Christ. Don’t tell me you forgot the PR-Text. Yes! Yes you would! You’re triggering a lot of stress in me right now. How can we ever make clear to our audience now that we made an absurdist, dark comedic meta-musical about ‘Gaslighting? Sigh. This really frustrates me. Now they will never know that in this epic and hilarious spectacle two actors try to perform a musical but when they outragedly gaslight each other backstage they lose all sense of reality. Now they will never understand. Thanks to you. Such a shame, because they really would have showed up if they knew. Are you like actually alright? I’m kind of worried. No, don’t go crying now, you don’t always have to portray yourself as the victim, everyone kinda thinks you do. What? Me? Gaslighting you? Well, you’ve got it rather twisted again, haven’t you? 


Maartje Braakman (24) Maartje is a third-year student at Amsterdam’s Toneelschool en Kleinkunst Academie and is characterised by home-made plays that often have a bizarre, comical and quite grim edge. Like her self-written and directed musical ”MEDUSA” in collaboration with an eight-member conservatory orchestra. With a rich past of stage experience, such as ”LONGEN” with Roman Derwig, Maartje is also a strong performer who enjoys showcasing the weird, ugly and yet loving side of human beings.   

Mats Hoogland (22) Mats studied at Amsterdam’s Toneelschool en Kleinkunstacademie and has since been writing, creating and performing various (often social, musical and comedic) theatre productions, including last year at De Parade; Muts and Scarf and Glitter the Show Show. In his work, he tries to scrutinise the absurdity of day-to-day existence, and make room for the little human hurt, in a playful, alienating and humorous way.   

During their studies at drama school, there appeared to be a great artistic click. In a shared fascination with the absurdity of behaviour, pathetic people and dark humour, they have joined forces as writers, creators and actors to blow you off your seat.