De Vergadering

A performance about meetings and the people who attend them, shaped as an absurd comedy 

Studio Dooie Mus

Location: Pllek


duration of the performance: 45 min

The table is set, the agenda’s are printed. The water is pourable and the coffee is dripping. A meeting is about to happen – are you ready?

Three executives meet to discuss urgent matters. But will they be able to find a proper outcome? And how does that work in a culture wherepolderen’ is a verb? What starts as a normal meeting changes into a ritual with no need for language. What happens to a meeting when everything but its well-worn procedures are stripped away?

Studio Dooie Mus are pioneers of post-traumatic theater, exploring the experiences of those for whom existence is something absurd and in need of some decent user instructions. With De Vergadering they reshape traditional Dutch social conventions into an absurd visual performance that explores the world of decision-making, reconsideration and doubt. This absurd symphony tries to find a deeper meaning in everyday actions. 


Direction/concept: Jelle Stiphout
Scenography and costume: Esther Eveline Sloots
Actors: Lindsay Zwaan, Sjef van Schie, Brent de Vries
Musical support: Wieke van Rosmalen & Reggy van Bakel
Composition: Wieke van Rosmalen & Jelle Stiphout
Thanks to: Charlotte Goesaerts, Samuel A. Bom, Paul Slangen, Stichting Het Verbond, Beam Systems & Ymere