Den Mi Wesu

A deep dive into Afro-Caribbean Rhythm and Spirituality 


(Michael Wanga)

Location: Bijlmer Parktheater


duration of the performance: 35 min

Den Mi Wesu – meaning “in my bones” in Papiamentu – is a deep dive into the origins of spiritual experience and how rhythmic expressions amplify it. It involves an excavation of instruments, voice, and movement through which Michael wants to uncover his own roots.  

As part of the new generation of Afro-Caribbean diaspora descendants, Michael seeks a connection with his ancestors. This bond is derived from rhythm and spirituality, which he wants to deeply explore through the stories and sounds that have shaped him through generations.  

In Den Mi Wesu, Michael explores the pure essence of rhythm in both music and movement. The search for essence prioritizes instinctive movement over specific dance styles. African dance styles also originated from intuition. 


Michael Wanga – Music & Performance