Digital Manipulation

A circus duet that questions the relationship that many individuals have to their phones nowadays

Aylish Bik and Rebecca Neubauer

Location: Bijlmer Parktheater


duration of the performance: 20 min

‘Digital Manipulation’ is a poetic duet between a vertical rope artist and a hand balancer.

Through their circus disciplines they embody the power that the digital world holds over modern-day society. The artists, studying at Fontys Academy of Circus and Performance Art invite the audience to take a closer look at the development of the relationship between human beings and their mobile devices. What power do they hold over us and how do they influence autonomous choices and free will? 


Aylish Bik and Rebecca Neubauer are both circus artists who started their studies at the Fontys Academy of Circus and Performance Art (Tilburg, NL) in 2021/2022. Prospectively, they will graduate in June 2025 with the degree ´Bachelor of the Arts´.  

Aylish, 28 years old, grew up in Noord-Holland. She first discovered circus at the age of 21, practicing aerial silks, partner-acrobatics and hand-balancing. Shortly after getting acquainted with circus she decided to audition for bachelor education in contemporary circus. In Fontys Circus she appears as versatile as before. Though, her main discipline is hand-balancing, she maintains her passion for aerials and partner-acrobatics.  

Rebecca, 21 years old, originates from Munich, Germany. After graduating from high school, she applied to Fontys Circus with aerial rope as her main discipline. She likes to not restrict herself to this one apparatus because she takes great joy in various movement disciplines, for instance floor acrobatics, aerial straps and especially hand-balancing.  

At Fontys Circus Aylish and Rebecca were particularly drawn to work together by their shared passion for hand-balancing and aerial acrobatics. This common interest eventually developed into a curious and open-minded approach towards artistic research and led to the creation of this performance.