Picture of an insatiable 

DG collective

Location: Grachtenmuseum


duration of the performance: 1 h

DORIAN, picture of an insatiable is a queer adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s The picture of Dorian Gray, directed by Igor Alvarez Cugat and written by Josephine Scholte, supported by live music. A modern Dorian Gray (played by Rowan Kievits) discovers his beauty when a befriended painter portrays him. In his desire for an eternal youth, he gets absorbed by the nightlife.

He discovers where his desirability can take him and he throws himself in brief romances with men, often intoxicated. Meanwhile he carries a big secret: while he loses nothing of his juvenile allure, his reflection in the painting gets uglier. When slowly he gets estranged from everyone around him and himself, his urge to endless pleasure takes a dangerous spin.

A psychological trip full of questions about aesthetics and ethics, pleasure, happiness and manifacturability. 


DG Collective is a new theater collective, consisting of Igor Alvarez Cugat (direction), Rowan Kievits (acting) and Josephine Scholte (text, directing assistance and PR). Igor is an Argentinian theater director, graduated from the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK). His art explores themes such as religion, family dynamics and the LGBTQIA2S+ community. Rowan Kievits graduated from the AHK in Urban Contemporary Dance, after which he danced with Het Nationale Theater, Tappin-it Collective, the National Opera and the Dutch Reisopera. He is associated with Compagnie Karina Holla as a performer. Josephine Scholte previously wrote theater reviews and poetry for Het Zuidelijk Toneel, among others. She did a journalistic internship at the Theater Bellevue podcast and is studying Theater Studies at the UvA. DORIAN is her first written work for the stage. 


PH: Rick Middel
Composition: Simon Burgers
Piano: Duco Burgers