Dreams of the Small Gods

Circus, theatre and masked ritual combine to create a story of mythological transformation

Zinnia Oberski 

Location: Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, Rode Zaal


duration of the performance: 50 min

Dreams of the Small Gods’ is a captivating live performance about the triple nature of woman; as animal, as human and as goddess or spirit being.  

During the show the audience sees the solo female performer morph from animal into human. In the human incarnation she is visited by the horned mask – ‘Magnus’, who calls on her to transform herself. With his help she becomes a mythological creature, part human, part animal and part primal deity.  

Inspired by the timeless wisdom of faerie-tales, mythology and ancient cultures, Dreams of the Small Gods blends aerial circus, performance art and masked ritual to create a surreal, hypnotic world. In a requiem for wisdom lost, it questions human ideas of holiness and profanity and explores the relationship between humans, animals and those we name as our gods.  


Performer and maker Zinnia Oberski has an extensive background in circus. She uses elements of physical theatre, dance and performance art to break the traditional circus aesthetic of the superhuman and focus on a strength that can only be accessed through vulnerability. Zinnia’s physical work is a communication which is less literal than words and therefore well suited to conveying ideas that relate to the subconscious or the animal brain. She is a 2011 graduate from Circomedia (BTEC) and a 2016 graduate from ACaPA, Fontys (BA). 


Concept, creation and performance: Zinnia Oberski Dramaturgy: Ellie Dubois Movement: Tina Afiyan Breiova, Mele Broomes Producer: Chris O’Reilly Sound design: Chris Gorman Light Design: Ian ‘Cookie’ Brooks