Recommended By

Fringe likes to team up. Because THANK GOODNESS we are not the only ones who want to support new, unknown and niche talents. This is why we’ve asked several cultural organizations to endorse artists that are presented in the Fringe program; artists that may already have a connection to their organization or will collaborate with them in the future or artists that simply match their profile. You can recognize these performances by the ‘recommended by’ label.

The following organizations are happy to recommend you Fringe artists:

  • 5D – creates and presents accessible theatre for and by people with and without disabilities.
  • Café Theater Festival – gets theatre outside of the blackbox and inside the publice space of the cafe, showing new talented artists in over 25 bars all over Utrecht.
  • Dansmakers Amsterdam – is an international production house for dance based in the north of Amsterdam. Dansmakers focuses on the development of new choreography talent within contemporary dance.
  • Gaudeamus Muziekweek – presents, organizes and supports the newest music by young contemporary music pioneers.
    • Recommends: Vulnus by Fors Seulement Collaboration [LNP]
  • Rightaboutnow Inc. – as Amsterdam based urban performing arts centre Rightaboutnow Inc. supports next gen artists, from different hiphop subcultures, in the development of (international) theatre, music and dance projects. The artist selected for the Flying Solo trajectory will show her work at Amsterdam Fringe.
  • Tolhuistuin – (co)produces and presents in interdisciplinary and intercultural programs universal, new, urban stories by emerging artists from the city of Amsterdam. Lost Project is currently artist in residence at Tolhuistuin and their performance Mirrors is a co-production with Tolhuistuin.
    • Recommends: Mirrors by Lost Project [EN/NL]