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  • Amsterdam Fringe Festival and the corona virus

    We, too, are shocked by the coronavirus outbreak. At this time, we don’t know yet the full extent of the consequences it will have. We live day by day and hope that our neighbors and loved ones are and remain healthy. We make every effort to ensure that the virus …

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  • Open Call Amsterdam Fringe 2020

    Do you have a brilliant idea for a new performance, a great show that really should get more audience or are you looking for a platform-in-crime to present your out of the box experiment? Ignore your family in law during the holidays, commit yourself to apply-january resolutions and make yourself …

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  • Aissa Kraayenbrink and Amanda Palma receive the TRY AGAIN FAIL BETTER AWARD of Amsterdam Fringe Festival!

    This year for the first time, Amsterdam Fringe Festival and partners Het Huis Utrecht and ICK Amsterdam present the TRY AGAIN FAIL BETTER Award: an award for makers who have shown their work at Amsterdam Fringe 2019 and want to continue working on their performance. Artists of the 2019 …

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