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Fluidical is a vibrating slime installation performance 

Sophia van der Putten

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The human body is not hard and solid, but soft and fluid. A body that doesn’t move, dies. Yet we keep trying to define our bodies as definite and fixed, because that which we cannot define frightens us. 
Fluidical is oddly satisfying and deeply frightening. In a slimy world a fluid creature search for their place and wonders in which form their existence is allowed. Between disgust and attraction, can we see this creature for who they are?
Maker Sophia van der Putten (they/them) identifies as genderfluid. The experience of their gender and gender expression are changeable.
With this performance they research how the undefinable and changeable body can be frightening and intriguing at the same time. 


Maker: Sophia van der Putten 

Performer: Flore Muuse 

Dramaturg: Maarten Bos 

Scenographer: Stef Heijnen-Bakker of Studio HB Staging 

Sound: Sophia van der Putten and Rowan van der Putten 

Technician: Saskia de Vries / Lux Nautilus 

Video: Christina Mastori 

With support of Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Voordekunst