Fringe Award winners ’22 presenting their new work!

After winning a Fringe Award in 2022, these incredible talents are ready to take the Fringe stage once more, showcasing their newly created performances.

Are you also curious to find out what last year’s Fringe winners have been working on, this past year? Which magical experiences are going to be shown this time around? 

Well, the wait is over! Now is the time to find out!

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ALL MEN MUST DIE – Eva Bartels

Artist and writer Valerie Solanas envisions a world without men in her 1968 radical feminist manifestoS.C.U.M., Society for Cutting Up Men. Was she ironic or was she bitterly serious? And is this a manifesto that we should give a stage? Eva Bartels takes these questions with her and mirrors the manifesto from the 1960s to the present day. She rewrites the text into a S.C.U.M. 2.0. Expect an anarchist and connecting performance in a world beyond patriarchy. 


Collapse – Betal Ozay

Collapse is a multimedia storytelling performance uncovers the grim reality of the deadliest triangle in history: unscrupulous building contractors, corrupt politicians, and a complacent public. Together, they created a tragic landscape, resulting in the loss of over 50,000 lives during a devastating earthquake in Turkey. 


REFRACTION [breaking light] – Liam McCall (& Oscar Starink) / Underdogz

In this duet Liam McCall and Oscar Starink, two b-boys from Underdogz crew, research and dissect what it means to be a breaker and for it use a play of light to share that vision. What lies beneath the image of a b-boy, and becomes apparent when you go deep, away from the surface? It’s an exploration of dance, light and themselves. 





All About Me and My Mother – Indie Nile

Healing your relationship with your mother requires that you accept the parts of you that are like your mother. Drag artist Indie Nile plays both himself and his mother in a completely original theater show that combines stand-up comedy with lipsync.