Fringe day pass

How many shows can you see in one day?

Definitely a lot with our Fringe day pass!

With a day pass, you can fill up your Fringe festival day with plenty of performances and… a nice discount included!  

We present 57 different performances, each playing several times, over 11 days. You can pick every show you want. As long as they’re not sold out. 

Day passes for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays are €25,00. 

Day passes for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are €35,00. On these days, our program starts earlier, therefore you can see even more performances!



Step 1:  

You can buy a day pass below. After the order process you’ll receive an e-mail with a code. You can use the code to buy € 0,- tickets for all performances that day.  

Step 2:  

Select the shows of your choice and use your code during the order process. These tickets are strictly personal, you can only buy one show ticket per day ticket.   

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