Fringe im-PRESS-ions

Our Fringe makers are leaving big imPRESSions all over the internet this year!  

The program of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival is packed with performances about a wide array of genres and topics. And of course, media outlets are eager to share their opinions! 

Are you interested to see what journalists have been writing about our program? Then you can click on the following links to read all about it:  



Fluidical – Sophia van der Putten (NPO Radio4, 28-08-23) 

Annemieke Bosman talks to Sophia van der Putten about the performance Fluidical that can be seen during the Amsterdam Fringe Festival. 


Artistic director Farnoosh about Amsterdam Fringe Festival (NPO Radio1, 02-09-23)  


THUIS HOME DOMOV – Ine Ubben (Theaterkrant, 03-09-23) 

Good-vibe-performance in which coffee cups make the spectator change perspective 


KIP: Theatervoorstelling voor kippen – Anne Hofstra (AT5, 06-09-23) 

Anne makes theater for chickens: “I don’t know if they appreciate it” 


REFRACTION [breaking light] – Liam McCall (& Oscar Starink) / Underdogz (Theaterkrant, 10-09-23) 

Impressive command of the breakers repertoire in varying light 


About multiple makers at Amsterdam Fringe Festival (NRC, 10-09-23) 

Untitled Document – Ari Teperberg 

SuckerPunch – Kiros / Loliva  

ABORTUSVERHALEN – Mystha Mandersloot 

Mensenkinderen – Doris Vervuurt  

How you can support your decision and still grieve for the rest of your life for the child who did not come, you will see at the Fringe Festival 


All About Me and My Mother – Indie Nile (Theaterkrant, 09-09-23) 

Indie Nile deals with his relationship with his mother with perfect lipsync 


Smuggled Tea Performance – Fatih Gençkal + Mustafa Zeren (Theaterkrant, 09-09-23) 

Intercultural theater on the cutting table 


THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT A STORY ABOUT WITCHES – DrieVrouwen (Volkskrant, 10-09-23) 

ABORTUSVERHALEN – Mystha Mandersloot (Volkskrant, 10-09-23) 

Fringe Festival: from absurdist witch persecution to surreal dance trip 


11 3 8 7 – Trevoga (Het Parool, 11-09-23)  

Collective Trevoga proves that you can indeed make intriguing theater about artificial life 


THE RITE – Project Zahira | Dance Theater (dansers.nu, 12-09-23)  

In the spotlight: dance theater maker Zahira Mous 


Den Mi Wesu – Karpachii (Michael Wanga) (Theaterkrant, 12-09-23) 

Michael Wanga impresses the Bijlmer Parktheater with a busy mix of styles