Fringe x Meervaart

We’re human together

Bb & Friends, Jackie Ashkin & Jedrzej Jedraszyk, Pensive Vivifier and DJ Nawa Sira 

Location: Meervaart

Dates: Friday 13 september


What are you doing on Friday the 13th? Get on the rollercoaster, let yourself be carried away by your collective fears, doomscrolling past cute cats and talking heads. Exit your comfort zone and dive into the maze of sign language, dance language, music language and digital language. We’re all in this together. Shake it off, live it up, because trust me, none of us are enjoining this.
An evening filled with 3 performances and DJ Nawa Sira.

Blauwe Zaal: 20:30-21:00 BB & Friends – Exit Comfortzone!
Foyer: 21:20-21:40 Jackie Ashkin & Jedrzej Jedraszyk – None of Us Are Enjoying This
Blauwe Zaal: 22:00-22:40 Pensive Vivifier – Love is abundant
Foyer: 22:40- 00:00: DJ Nawa Sira

 A ticket for the whole event costs € 20,- and is on this page for sale at the  ‘tickets’ button at the top right.
For Exit Comfortzone! you can buy a single ticket here.
For Love is abundant you can do so here.


BB & Friends – Exit Comfort Zone!

Boaz Blume and Brendan Lodder are two deaf performers. Dutch Sign Language is their mother tongue. In ‘Exit Comfortzone’ they explore the possibilities offered by encounters between seemingly different worlds: sign language -the silent language of the deaf-, the language of dance and the language of music. What can they do with each other? To discover that, “exit comfort zone” is a prerequisite.

Sign language is often viewed from a social societal perspective. This concept wants to turn that image around by approaching sign language as an art form that inspires the musician and the dancer to then arrive at a fluid form in which equivalence and mutual inspiration shows itself.

Jackie Ashkin & Jedrzej Jedraszyk – None of Us Are Enjoying This

What is going on with the world today? Wars are fought, fires are raging, democracies are failing – and we all still have to go to work on Mondays.

Jackie and Jedrez take you through spoken word and soundscapes to a musical reminder about our collective fears. And well, none of us are enjoying this.

Pensive Vivifier  – Love is abundant

After two hours of doomscrolling, I notice that I am hungry. I open my refrigerator and decide what to eat. In less than a second, I switch from the digital to the physical world. When my thumb is not opening virtual gateways to the hollows of talking heads and cute cats, I notice feelings.

Love is Abundant is an immersive performance that explores the intersection between digital and physical words. Witness a mesmerizing mix of video art, performance, clubbing and song.

DJ Nawa Sira

Nawa Sira is a DJ and multidisciplinary artist from Amsterdam. Inspired by her Tunisian/African roots, she brings you raw beats and danceable rhythms. Her unique style ensures that every performance is an adventure full of dance and energy.