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Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss

A gen-zeat the richchamber play about nepo baby’s and public shaming 

Raf & Teuntje

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A surprisingly hot afternoon in June. The sun is shining softly into the stylishly decorated 4th floor apartment of an Amsterdam canal house. A well-dressed young man is quickly dusting his Joseph Klibansky. While he makes a calm impression, his movements are sharp and impatient. Downstairs, a young woman is chaining her bicycle to a lamp post. She stops to check her eyeliner in the side mirror of a charging Tesla and walks to the shiny front door with her head held up high. She rings the bell. The man, that has now moved on to cleaning his framed opening speech of last year’s Boekenbal, jumps up. That must be her.  


In Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss, prolific young hit-writer Tez Kobalt Weber and ambitious feminist journalist Loïs battle it out over themes like activism, abuse of power and public shaming. A striking piece of zeitgeist that (humorously) shines light on power, “the grey areas” and how to deal with these deeply ingrained issues as a new generation. 


Text and Performance: Teuntje Post, Raf Stekelenburg
Acting Coach: Judith van den Berg
Text Advisor: Kasper Tarenskeen
Scene photography: Bart Grietens