Göbek Aşkı

The grey area between rejection and acceptance and the silent love languages in a Muslim family

Çiğdem Polat

Location: Frascati 3


duration of the performance: 30 min

Love passes through the stomach and settles in the belly. There it lives in silence. Sometimes warm, sometimes uncomfortable. Göbek Aşkı is a physical theatre performance about leading a double life and the silent love languages in a muslim family. About the experience of that which cannot be said out loud. About being silent together and eating together. About unconditional love and misunderstanding. Trying to find each other in the grey area between rejection and acceptance. An ode to families who make quiet attempts at expressing connection, despite a lack of acceptance. 


Çiğdem Polat is a physical performer, theatre maker and intuitive movement coach. Her work is a mix of physical theatre, dance and text. She touches on taboo-breaking themes related to mental health, cultural conflicts and sexual identity. Her movement language is inspired by sign language, the animalistic and subconscious body. In her performances, she expresses an intense emotional inner world where she invites the audience to experience the power of vulnerability. Çiğdem graduated from the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Urban Contemporary Dance and was seen in Belgian Rules/Belgium Rules by Jan Fabre, SYZYGY by Jakop Ahlbom and Quake by Casper Vandeputte (Theater Utrecht and DOX). 


Aina Roca Scenography
Nick Herman Technician and light design
Gerleen Balstra Movement direction
Sjaan Flikweert Text direction