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Here’s looking at you kid


Collectief Benno 

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In Denver, Colorado, a lot could go unnoticed. Until Gerald Foos appeared, who possibly went the least noticed in his noticing of the unnoticed. Foos bought a motel and built the ultimate voyeuristic dream, here he could see everything which was normally hidden behind closed doors. And for years he too stayed hidden. 

But now we are here. 
We sneak through his motel; shamelessly we reside in his rooms and hide in the crevices. Through text, physical acting, live-camera and projections on an abundance of Venetian blinds the story of the voyeur Gerald Foos gets told. 

Although, is this story his? 

A couple, that has been together for three years, research how to relate to a world of ever watchful eyes. 
A playful performance about sincerity, sex, love and the truth. 

What do you show, what stays concealed and what remains when someone watches you? 


Concept & Performance: Kedves van den Berg, Mira Verhoeve 
Text: Kedves van den Berg, Mira Verhoeve, Gerald Foos 
Director: Wieger Meulenbroek 
Sound design: Mitzi Beesemer 
Technician: Merijn P Kortman 
Conceptual advice: Frank Mineur 
PR image: Ies Kaczmarek 
Texts are inspired by Voyeurs Motel of Gay Talese