How2Fringe Workshops

The Amsterdam Fringe team provides 6 month-workshops for Fringe makers. The main aim is to help them take the next step in their professional career as artists.   

Each How2Fringe workshop is carefully created and consists of an informative part and speed dates with people working in the arts who can help these makers further in their careers.   

The workshops are in English. 

Are you (not a Fringe) maker but interested in the workshops?   

Do you also give workshops, and do you want to collaborate?   

We are happy to share our knowledge, as long as it helps makers into taking their career a step further.  


Content of the workshops:   

How2Fringe # 1: How does Fringe work, how do other festivals work and what can they do for makers?   

How2Fringe # 2: A deep dive into fundraising, writing applications and budget plans. With speed dates with several funds, before the artists start submitting their grant applications.   

How2Fringe #3: Marketing. What is marketing and how does it benefit the makers? Where do you start and how do you use marketing to attract more audiences?   

How2Fringe #4: The professional field. Which people can help you as a maker, and how do you approach these people? Speed dating sessions with various programmers, directors, reviewers and talent developers.   

How2Fringe #5: Social media. Tips and tricks for makers to use social media, in order to get a bigger reach. 

supporting makers

The Amsterdam Fringe team devotes a lot of time and attention to guide makers.  

We do this at the How2Fringe workshops, but also in smaller groups and through individual coaching.   

Customization is crucial while working with such a diverse group of makers from diverse disciplines, from different countries and with such different backgrounds. 

Our guidance is about helping someone build a network, raise funds or making sure makers feel heard and safe in the cultural sector.    

Want to know more? Read about it in the Amsterdam Fringe methodology, which can be downloaded for free from mid-September onwards.   

connected by fringe

The Amsterdam Fringe Festival is not an end station for makers, but can be seen as a starting point.  

By providing workshops, individual coaching and performance spaces, we ensure that after Fringe, makers feel more connected to the performing arts field.   

Winners of the Fringe At Best (FAB-) Awards are personally coached by our artistic team in finding other stages at festivals and venues. This requires customization, as every performance needs a different kind of stage and trajectory.    

The winner of the International Bursary Award receives a travel grant and is linked to an international Fringe Festival of their choice to perform.    

But non-winning Fringe makers are also actively paired with venues, festivals and production houses, if we can find a good fit. 

In addition, Amsterdam Fringe Festival is regularly asked to curate at other events and festivals.   

This trajectory of finding more gigs and platforms for Amsterdam Fringe makers, we call ‘Connected by Amsterdam Fringe’.   

the fringe method

The Amsterdam Fringe Festival has a unique way of selecting and guiding makers.  

Our methodology is designed for reaching out to a diverse group of artists, and providing them with the best possible, tailored and safe pathway to develop themselves further as professional artists.   

For Amsterdam Fringe, diversity means recognizing that every maker is different and therefore needs a different kind of guidance to flourish.   

Fringe creates a community of makers who can help each other by sharing network and expertise. Creating a safe and inspiring space for artists to meet, is crucial.  

We co-published our methodology with writer Simone Zeefuik. From mid-September onwards, it can be downloaded for free here. In English, because our network is international.   

This methodology is free to use by anyone. We hope it will inspire you.  

Would you like to know more?  

Do you want to collaborate, share knowledge or feedback?