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Joining Amsterdam Fringe Festival as an artist 

Do you want to shine on stage during Amsterdam Fringe Festival? Nothing is impossible! 

We work with an open call system. The open call for 2024 closed on the first of February. You can sign up for 2025 from medio December.


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Being part of Amsterdam Fringe Festival as an artist includes more than only playing your show!

We will take our artists into the world of the performance arts and give workshops about all the parts of it: marketing, fundraising, networking etc. We’d like to share our knowledge and experience to help artists in their career.  

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Are you also excited about our new edition? We are!

We’re not looking for  enthustiastic volunteers for Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2024 at the moment. But if we are, you can find it here. 

Good to know! Amsterdam Fringe Festival will take place from 5 till 15 September 2024. We start looking for volunteers in June.

As a volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to explore numerous roles and contribute in various capacities. You can find a detailed description of the diverse functions and tasks on this page. 

Whats in it for you? 

  • Access to all Fringe performances 
  • An unforgettable and enjoyable ten days within an international team, in which you can rediscover Amsterdam with its theaters and other cool spots. 
  • Expanding your network with relevant contacts in festival and theater land 
  • A nice addition on your resume in terms of work for a cultural organization 
  • And don’t forget: score some #karma points by helping our emerging creators to play during Fringe and give them the opportunity to develop their art further!  

What do we ask of you 

  • A minimum commitment of 4 shifts (usually between four and six hours per shift) 
  • Participating in an information meeting at the end of August (which will also give you the opportunity to meet your fellow Fringers) 

You can register as a volunteer from June. If you still have some questions for us in regards to becoming a volunteer at Amsterdam Fringe, feel free to contact our volunteer coordinator Sarah Wever via volunteers@amsterdamfringe.nl. 

these are the different functions:

Location manager

As a location manager you are responsible for one of the locations of Amsterdam Fringe Festival. You will be in charge of the evening, the point of contact for the other volunteers, and you will make sure that the location looks Fringeworthy! In short, you pretty much call the shots. For this position it is important that you are available on specific dates. The location managers receive an extra briefing prior to the festival.

Minimum number of shifts: 5 


Location host 

As a location host, you will have various tasks: you will guide our Fringe visitors to their seats, scan their tickets, and together with the location manager, you will ensure that everything runs smoothly and that our visitors feel welcome. 

Minimum number of shifts: 4 

professionals professionals

The Arts Industry Office, Amsterdam Fringe Festival’s professionals desk, is here to guide professionals in the performing arts – from programmers to organisers.

Our team is happy to help you discover new talent and meet other (international) professionals. Your expertise is invaluable and in return contributes to the development of the next generation of creators.

We look forward to welcoming you to our performances and exclusive Arts Industry Office activities. 

Apply or more information

Apply for accreditation with the Arts Industry Office is possibel from the 3rd of July. Once accredited, professionals will receive a discount code that allows them to get one free ticket and order additional tickets at a discount (max 1 per production).

Please note that some performances and activities have limited audience capacity. We therefore advise you to apply for accreditation in time. Accreditation is only for people who can potentially book a performance, such as programmers, curators, scouts, impresarios, etc. We’d love to see you so don’t sleep on it.

Fringe showcase A chance for our artists to show a sneak preview of their performance. The showcase is part of the NTF PRO programme.

More specific info will be announced in July.

Professionals mixer Meet the artists of the Fringe! Mingle with our young talent and help them find their way into the field.

More specific info will be announced in July.



Please email aio@amsterdamfringe.nl. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.