open call 2024

Dear artist, 

It’s great that you want to sign up for the open call of Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2024! Before you start, we would like to share something with you.

  • Amsterdam Fringe Festival (AFF) doesn’t work like other festivals. We offer an assurance, but not a high fee or travel allowance etc.  We do invest a lot of time in guiding and coaching the fringe artists.
  • Besides personal guidance, we organise workshops for all the fringe artists. We help you to develop yourself professionally.
  • Joining AFF = learning a lot, networking and enjoying being part of the festival!
  • Last year we’ve had over 400 applications. Sad but true: we can just program 55 of them. 
Just to be sure you really know what it means to join our festival, it’s important to read our ‘rules of the game’.


Applicationform Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2024
What is the main language spoken in your performance?
What is the MAIN genre of the performance? (Pick one) *
What are the sub genres of the performance? (Pick as many as you need) *
Why would performing at Amsterdam Fringe be of importance for you?
Do you own the rights for performing this production? (or the script) *
Do you use music/compositions in the production? *
What kind of venue has your preference? *
I’d prefer to perform this production at *
What would be the ideal positioning of the audience? *
Is there any interaction with your the audience? *

What size should the performance space be? (in meters) If you’re not sure give an indication.

Does your production require more than basic lighting possibilities? *
Do you use stroboscope in your show? *
Do you use a projector/projections in the performance? *
Do you use smoke or mist (machines) in the performance? *
Do you use confetti or balloons in the performance? *
Do you use fire, cigarettes or other heat sources like cooking plates, toasters or watercookers in the performance? *
Do you use water in the performance (as part of a stage design or as prop)? *
Do you use any kind of food in your show? *
Do you use any (fake) weapons in your show? *
Does the stage design include any extraordinary objects (for example props with large measurements)? *
Are there any animals in the performance (alive or dead)? *
Does the performance contain music?
It would not be possible to perform the production without: *
I’ll bring a laptop and/or other device to play music/sound from *
It is mandatory to have your own technician who runs your show. Do you have one? *
Will the performance premiere at Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2024?
Most shows will be presented 4 times at Amsterdam Fringe (on 4 different dates). Is there any reason why your show should be performed more or less than 4 times, for example because of a very short duration (under 25 minutes) or low capacity (under 40 seats)? *
Are there any dates between 5-15 September 2024 on which you’re NOT able to perform the production at all?
Does the artist or company receive structural funding (i.e. over multiple years)? *
Will you be applying for funds for this Fringe performance? *
Are your performances at Fringe 2024 already part of an already ongoing funding application? *
Have you ever performed at a Fringe Festival before? *
How did you find out about the application for Amsterdam Fringe 2024? *
Attachments I’ve included via WeTransfer (below): *