He took her body, she his mind 

Obscure Performances

Location: Likeminds, Kleine Zaal


duration of the performance: 45 min

He doesn’t remember why… But he did it. A deep, dark rage came out that night, as if he was possessed by the devil himself. He felt a tear run down his cheek, a tear just for him. Warm. Just for him. She was cold. Her eyes were empty. Like she never existed. An empty woman, beautiful how she layed there. Just for him.  

Jouska is a psychological horror play in which you, the viewer get lost in someone’s insane reality. A visual, absurd theatre performance in which director Priscilla ter Voert combines her love for scenography and psychological horror movies. The concept originated from a fascination for trauma repression and what that does to a person. No matter how deep you repress your trauma, it always catches up on you, just like death. 


Cast: Hidde de Visser Vera Huibregtse Inge Mous Ebisa Brooke Elin Maas Noor Bosma Floris Paardekooper

Writer/director: Priscilla ter Voert

Assistant director: Dyonne Zwart

Production assistant: Sjuul Vrolijks

Technician: Tijmen van Burken

Thanks to: Jianni Elsenhout Salina de Marco Jantien Fick Tim Veeter Sanne Verkaaik Eva Welzenis Nazario Jessurun