A fairytale-like panic attack about the trauma of growing up

Studio Dooie Mus 

Location: Tolhuistuin, Tuin


duration of the performance: 45 min

A little girl wakes up at the edge of a forest and discovers that she is burying her adult self. When her old imaginary friend suddenly appears and tries to convince her never to grow up, an adventurous journey through her subconscious begins as she searches for a way out of this living panic attack.  

K-HOLE is a dark coming-of-age fairytale about the trauma of growing up. Studio Dooie Mus is inspired by Wes and Roy Andersson, Stranger Things, and Black Mirror, walking along the grimly humorous fantasy of Tim Burton, and Stephen King, approaching the edge of the fairytale forest. Here, fantasy and the unconscious go hand in hand in a hardcore remix of Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood and all the movies you were never allowed to watch as a child!  

After De Vergadering (Amsterdam Fringe 2023), K-HOLE is the new visual and textual site-specific theater performance by Studio Dooie Mus, directed and performed by Jelle Stiphout and Lindsay Zwaan (BODEM).  

Are you brave enough to lose yourself in the K-HOLE!? 


Studio Dooie Mus is an initiative by Jelle Stiphout, Lindsay Zwaan, and Esther Eveline Sloots. All three graduated from the Toneelacademie Maastricht. They create post-traumatic theater about humans for whom life is an absurd gift with a rather complicated manual. This manual isn’t equally logical for everyone. For some, that’s okay, while for others, it’s dreadful. Studio Dooie Mus aims to awaken and unsettle people—not to force them to change their lives, but to show them that they have freedom of choice and the right to question the fulfillment of their existence.  

Last year, their first collective production premiered at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2023, titled De Vergadering. It’s an absurd mime performance about doubt, everyday decision-making, and social anxiety. De Vergadering was selected for the Istanbul Fringe Festival and will be shown this coming spring at Theater Bellevue.  

The production K-HOLE is the result of an ongoing discussion between Lindsay and Jelle about what it means to grow up in our current world and what it was like to be a child. 


Credits: Regie & Spel: Lindsay Zwaan en Jelle Stiphout Script: Lindsay Zwaan en Jelle Stiphout muziek: Wieke van Rosmalen