A meditative spectacle between hypnotising shapes and new perspectives onto contemporary partner acrobatics.  


Location: CC Amstel, de Theaterzaal


duration of the performance: 50 min

Two performers, four bodies. With a big mirror as the stage Lily&Janick invite the audience on a journey into a seemingly perfectly balanced world, which feels like a long glance through a kaleidoscope. But what happens when everything is not as perfect as it seems. If you bring light into darkness and something shifts? How do we cope with changes in our environment and how long can we hold onto something irreparable? 


Kaleiding is the debut show of the contemporary circus company Lily&Janick. Both are young artists from Berlin who are now based in Rotterdam. Janick Kremer is a base, an acrobat and aerial straps artist with a movement background in the Korean martial arts Shinson Hapkido. Lily is a flyer, tightwire- and slackrope balancer and brings a clear visual esthetic into the company through her work as a photographer. Since 2016 Lily&Janick are working together in a partner acrobatic duo. Together they graduated Codarts Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Rotterdam (NL) with a Bachelor specialized in partner acrobatics and partnering dance. Kaleiding is their first full length show where they combine their passions for visual and performing arts. Kaleiding is a german-dutch coproduction which was mainly supported by Zirkus ON (DE) and Circunstruction (NL) next to partners in Belgium and France. 


Creation und Performance: Lily Schlinker und Janick Kremer Technician: Cerian Mason Music: Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) Dramaturgic Advice: Lara Van Lookeren Outside Eye: Noemi Wagner Light Design: Edwin van Steenbergen & Batist van Baekel Costumes: Pilar Rodriguez Caton (Biencaton) & Luise Hoffmann Production&Touring: Lily Schlinker Stage: Tomasz Bajsarowicz & Janick Kremer Pictures: Kolja Huneck Illustration: Britt van Eijk Videography: Fidel Rott