KIP: Theatervoorstelling voor kippen

Finally, a show that’s not exclusively for humans. Escape your human-centered bubble and enjoy! 

Anne Hofstra



duration of the performance:

Making humans the center of the universe has not brought much good for the planet and its non-human inhabitants – but it has also proven to be a bad idea for us humans. It is clear that we need to change our perspective and try to see the entire ecosystem as the focal point. But such a shift in perspective is difficult. How can we, as humans, unlearn the anthropocentric structures we have built around us?

We are trying to give a good example by creating our theater performance for another species than humankind: chickens! Over the past few months, we have spent a lot of time among the chickens to explore what chickens would like from a theater performance. Although the show is for chickens, we also have a few spots available for human visitors. So step out of your human bubble and enjoy the experience! 


Makers: Anne Hofstra, Doke Pauwels, Willem Wits