What happens when you give breathing room to the concealed skin? 

Bo Jacobs & Claire de Caluwe 

Location: CC Amstel, de Theaterzaal


duration of the performance: 55 min


Two entities embark on a journey to distort and re-imagine the mold. Each a separate path, yet intertwined in a dance of entrapment and liberation, solitude and connection, love and hate, and the complexity of simplistic human beings.  

This personal performance emphasizes duality, and how it makes our human existence extraordinarily rich. The name LIMP also embodies this ambiguity, containing both ‘limb’ and ‘limping’. ‘Limb’ speaks of a body part, an empty vessel, a form that need not be more or less. A display of utter authenticity. ‘Limping’ indicates stumbling forward with expectations, forms, and steadfast patterns as a heavy weight on your shoulders. Moving forward becomes impossible, forcing you to take on a modified shape; the concealed purity of humanity.  

In LIMP, we create a place where movement, feeling, and language merge together to explore the following question: What happens when you give breathing room to the concealed skin? 


Claire de Caluwe (1999) began her dance training at the National Ballet in Amsterdam and continued her studies at Codarts in Rotterdam. She studied Urban Contemporary Dance at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam and interned at ‘Scapino Ballet Rotterdam’. Since 2021, she has worked as a freelance dancer and model. In 2023, Claire joined the Norwegian company ‘Nagelhus Schia Productions’, collaborating with choreographers such as Sasha Walz and Crystal Pite. Besides working with choreographers like Ed Wubbe, Dalton Jansen, and Joost Vrouenraets, she also creates her own choreographic work. 

Bo Jacobs (1999) began her dance training at ODM and continued at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts (Contemporary Urban). She danced for ‘Elephant in the Black Box’ and ‘Nürnberg Ballet’, working with choreographers such as Ohad Naharin, Goyo Montero, and Marco Goecke. Since May 2022, Bo started freelancing and participated in La Biennale Danza Venezia under Wayne McGregor. She currently works project-based for Snorkel Rabbit Company led by Bryan Arias and Alba Castillo. In addition to performing, Bo creates her own choreographies, resulting in various residencies (De Arcade, Cultuurhuis Heerlen) and new creations like ‘Vicious’ (Staatstheater Nürnberg), ‘LIMP’, and ‘The Great Forgetting’ (Opernhaus Hannover). 


Promo video: Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and Thai Tai Pham (Platform 14)