A “Cancer” bold performance about resistance and the degradation of language

Simon Kleinhesselink 

Location: Salon de IJzerstaven


duration of the performance: 25 min

In times of polarization, digitalization, climate disasters, and economic discontent, a romantic bandit emerges as a fighter against public order. However, he sees himself as a victim. By pointing fingers at others, he tries to justify his antisocial behavior. Is he driven by ideals, or is it purely self-interest? 

With minimal means, neo-punk elements, and a particular use of language, Loeder explores the resistance of a generation caught between ideals and self-justification. A journey through self-scan NSB’ers, cancer-ticket fascists, and blue cancer Nazis.  

In Dutch, the word “cancer” (kanker) is also used as a swear word and an intensifying prefix. Many Dutch people frequently swear using terms related to disorders. 


Simon Kleinhesselink (Wageningen, 1999) is studying directing at the Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Arts and is developing as a hybrid theater maker with a fascination for language and new forms. He works as a director, writer, and actor. His work is characterized by a minimalist form with philosophical and reflective content. Themes such as masculinity, activism, and interpersonal relationships are explored. 


Concept and text: Simon Kleinhesselink
Performance: Demi Dijstelberge, Ika Schwander, Jef Uyttenhove, Sil van Kalker and Simon Kleinhesselink
Thanks to: Quirine Racké, Helena Muskens, Beaudine Dermine and Anna Lauryssen