Meet the Method

Welcome to the only self-help course you’ll ever need again. The results? Mesmerizing. 

Hajar Fargan



duration of the performance:

There is and will always be a better version of You, reaching out from the future, inviting you to better days. Lifecoaches, gurus and cultleaders have cultivated multi-million dollar businesses surrounding these insecurities, promising us that it is them that hold the solution to every unease, every ‘bad’ habit. After all, success is merely the result of your way of thinking.  

Meet the Method is an absurdist performance, in which an almighty persona shakes and rattles the visitors. A TED Talk meets self-help course on speed, with guaranteed success. At a fast rate She reveals her Method™ that can be applied to… well, everything. The visitor, adopting the role of burnt-out course participant, and the almighty persona go head-to-head. Can this never-ending race to the top be sustained? Or will She too, just like her participants, crumble under the pressure of a better You? 


Concept, text and performance: Hajar Fargan
Costume design: Leila el Alaoui
Light design: Senne Odijk
Coaching: Doris Vervuurt
Poster design: Daan Coelman
Production: Bartu Gündüz
Thanks to AFK, Stichting Amarte, AHK and Bart Oomes.