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A dreamy play about what it means to grow up 

Doris Vervuurt

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In Mensenkinderen, five children invite you into a no man’s land. A dreamy place, where beautiful things can have a sharp edge and where different human children meet. They’re watching you. What do they see? And what do you see? Do you see who you were? Who you no longer are? Where do you meet?  

Theatre maker and director Doris Vervuurt was born in 1999 and momentarily finds herself on the slippery slope of adulthood. She asked Mila, Boaz, Tristan, Fiene and Tijn to become co-creators of Mensenkinderen. The children’s imagination and stories were an inexhaustible source of inspiration for this performance. Lovingly they threw all of their assumptions about how the world works overboard. 


Concept + direction | Doris Vervuurt
Text | Luna Joosten
Dramaturgy | Lara van Lookeren
Composition | Mees Vervuurt
Scenography + costume | Sacha Zwiers
Production | Zita de Vos
Technique | Maarten van Burken
PR Marketing | Dagmar Bokma
Business leadership | Tamara Roos/ Hollandse Luchten
Artistic advisor | Lotte van den Berg
Co-creators and actors | Boaz, Fiene, Mila, Tristan en Tijn.
Made possible by Fonds Podiumkunsten, Janivo Stichting, Victoriefonds, Gemeente Alkmaar.