Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2020 takes place in real life

Amsterdam Fringe Festival will take place in real life from 3 to 13 September 2020: a showcase festival for new, young and untamed talent that is not yet on the mainstream stages. Eleven days of theater, dance, music, performance and experiment in small theaters and in unexpected places throughout Amsterdam. At an appropriate distance and according to the guidelines of the RIVM, but just as "fringe" as usual. Amsterdam Fringe Festival will announce the program in early July and ticket sales will start on 3 August.

The ambition to continue the festival has been a priority for the organization in recent months. But for a long time it was not certain whether, and in what form, that was possible. Coronavirus regulations have resulted in a substantially lower number of seats available in theaters. Aukje Verhoog, director of Amsterdam Fringe Festival: “The strength of our festival, the great diversity and diversity in makers and performances, created a complicated challenge. How can we offer sufficient space for nearly 60 performances with reduced capacity? Thanks to the flexibility and creativity of the makers, playing locations and our own team, we were able to put this puzzle together. ”

Experiment is central
“Because we can, not because we have to” has become the motto of Amsterdam Fringe Festival behind the scenes. Some projects turned out to be artistically, productionally or financially unfeasible this year. “We have to accept that. It is not our goal to make the impossible possible. But when possible, we’re always up for experiment, ”explains Aukje Verhoog. A number of makers are adapting their piece to be able to play in alternative places, instead of in a theater. You will find a “live podcast maze” in the Vrij Paleis and performances in the peepshow palace of De Warme Winkel in Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond. One of the performers performs from a giant inflatable ball. Some locations, such as the Compagnietheater and De Meervaart, will make their large halls available this year and the smaller locations are extra creative with intimate setups. In this way, sufficient capacity to stage the performances is created.

Still Fringe
In this way, this 15th edition remains “just” Fringe: a showcase of young talent, with innovative performances and at special locations. Aukje Verhoog: “In that sense it is a very normal year. Each edition, the makers go off the beaten track, both in form and story. The only difference is that the circumstances are now just as exceptional as the Amsterdam Fringe Festival itself.”