BEST OF FRINGE TOUR 2022 is coming up! In April & March 2022 in 5 Dutch cities!

From March 9 to April 14, 2022, Amsterdam Fringe Festival will tour with the amazing winners of the past season. Five theaters across the country, two performances per evening and above all: an extraordinary amount of talent. See the makers of the future and be surprised by exciting moves, sharp humor, out-of-the-box visions and a big amount of guts.

Amsterdam Fringe Awards 2021
The three winners of the Amsterdam Fringe Awards are (in alphabetical order):

  • After The Echo by DeRonde/Deroo
  • Kibra Silensio by Ritzah Statia
  • Yogi Anni by Annica Muller

These performances will tour with the Best of Fringe Tour in the spring of 2022 at five theaters in The Netherlands. Tickets will soon be available at the relevant theaters:

  • March 9, 2022 – Theatre Walhalla – Rotterdam
  • March 13 + 14 2022 – Theatre Bellevue – Amsterdam
  • March 24, 2022 – Theatre aan de Rijn – Arnhem
  • April 4, 2022 – The National Theatre/Zaal 3 – The Hague
  • April 13 + 14 2022 – Theatre Kikker – Utrecht

Sofie Kramer‘s performance A Pole Tragedy received an honorable mention from the jury.


After the Echo
The jury was taken by the visual poetry of this show and calls this a performance with impeccable scenography. It felt like arriving into a different world, a feeling of being delightfully trapped. Impactful, touching and, to quote one of the jury members: “freaking magical”. The physical performance is of a stunning quality, and executed by two strong performers that as a duo are very much in tune with each other. The surreal and witty atmosphere created in this performance is inspiring promise of a new generation of magnificent mime creators.

Kibra Silensio
The jury was touched by this intimate performance. The clever use of music and physicality makes this performance a very layered and intriguing solo. The performer teases the audience, both letting them in and leaving room for mystery and multiple interpretations. All while beautifully transforming from vulnerable to full force. The jury was very impressed by the unconventional and urgent way of storytelling used to shine a light on both very personal and societal struggles.

Yogi Anni
This performance by a strong performer convinces from beginning till end with a smart, engaging show. The show starts out in slightly over-the-top positivity, yet soon small cracks appear in the shiny surface leading the audience into a dark and personal confession. The intelligent balancing act between sincerity and irony, puts the audience at the edge of their seat. An intriguing story about a search for healing, ending with a plea for taking better care of ourselves and world – while also leaving you with the question: did we just step in the same trap all over again?

A Pole Tragedy
In a surprising combination of elements, this performer creates a spectacle that is both powerful and intelligent. Text, movement and sound are brought together perfectly in a feminist swirl. The jury praises this performance for its originality. The performer mixes the classic and the modern, the personal and the long-told stories. This makes this performance a true conversation starter.